Company Overview

NHTherapeutics (NHT) is incorporated in Toronto, Canada, with a subsidiary in the Netherlands. NHT is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company that focuses on conditions associated with decreased hormonal levels (hypogonadism) due to aging or disease. Current treatment options for hypogonadism have abuse liability issues and other safety concerns, may be difficult to administer and have limited efficacy. NHT’s product is non-scheduled and further optimized through a proprietary formulation and delivery route. The lead product, NH901, is an oral formulation of leuprolide, altered for the treatment of hypogonadism. NHT’s development plans and exit strategy enable early strategic partnerships and a potential early exit for investors as well as long term gain.

NHT’s leadership team, consisting of its management team, co-founders and scientific advisors possesses a strong history of success in drug development. The team is particularly knowledgeable about drug formulations, abuse liability, translational pharmacology and experimental medicine and in outlining a drug research and development process that maximizes success.

NHT is currently seeking funding to meet the financial requirements to complete formulation work and Phase 1 clinical testing.