Senior Management

Pieter Muntendam, MD. Chief Executive Officer

Pieter Muntendam, MDPieter Muntendam is a physician by training who devoted his career to medical innovation by developing novel pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and services for payors and employers to reduce the burden of common conditions. Dr Muntendam had a successful executive career with leading international companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), and Organon (now Merck) before he embarked on an entrepreneurial career that included starting and leading pharmaceutical, device and medical services companies. Dr Muntendam has raised over $250M in public and private funding as CEO of early-stage companies and led the initial public offering of BG Medicine. He has led the development of a potentially transformative diagnostic from inception to FDA clearance and commercial introduction and successfully negotiated and implemented numerous partnership deals with leading manufacturers, the public sector and a national payer.

Rajneesh Taneja, PhD. Chief Scientific Officer

Rajneesh Taneja, PhD. Chief Scientific OfficerDr. Taneja has over 25 years of drug product development experience gained across a variety of pharmaceutical companies, and is known as a “go to” person to solve drug formulation problems and designing and developing drug products. He supported the development of numerous compounds from early development through regulatory approval. This includes blockbuster products like Lupron™ and Prevacid.™ Dr. Taneja has designed and developed drug products for supporting preclinical and clinical programs and formulated combination drug products that enhance treatment compliance. He has supported the development of regulatory and market access strategies and led the development of first line pediatric drug combination formulations.

Dr. Taneja received his PhD in pharmaceutics and industrial pharmacy from the University of Maryland.