Research and Development

Forward-thinking innovation in drug development

NHTherapeutics uses internal expertise in central nervous system disorders, formulation development, abuse liability and drug development to target those areas of unmet need where the current treatment of choice has dependency issues, is difficult to administer or has limited efficacy. NHTherapeutics targets those compounds that have both demonstrated target engagement and that modulate functional markers in order to maximize the probability of success. NHTherapeutics further uses advanced techniques in modeling and simulation to optimize clinical development and dose setting.

NHTherapeutics is targeting disorders that originate in the central nervous system. The company’s lead compound is a reformulated peptide for the treatment of hypogonadism (NH901).

Hypogonadism is a condition characterized by a chronic decrease in sex hormones due to aging or disease. Acquired hypogonadism due to aging represents a large and rapidly growing billion dollar market. Conversely, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism is an orphan indication, which occurs in approximately 150,000 patients in the US. Hypogonadism often results from a defect in the hypogonadal axis at the level of the central nervous system. This results in decreased secretion of sex hormones at the level of the gonads. Hypogonadism is commonly treated with hormone replacement therapy, which targets the gonads. Hormone replacement therapy occurs with drugs that are scheduled and that induce adverse events such as heart attack and stroke. Unlike existing therapy, NH901 treats the condition at the level of the central nervous system and stimulates the endogenous release of sex hormones (brain to gonads). It is believed that this results in treatment of a wider symptomatology of the condition and results in fewer side effects. Thus, the drug promises to be non-scheduled with a favorable side effect profile and is believed to treat all symptoms of the disease. Unlike current treatment strategies, the drug cannot be abused and cannot be used to obtain supratherapeutic levels of sex hormones.NH901 is therefore expected to capture a large market share compared to current therapy.

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