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NHTherapeutics (NHT) stands for Neurohormone Therapeutics and is a clinical stage stage pharmaceutical company that aims to normalize hormonal levels in patients suffering from decreased hormonal levels (hypogonadism) due to aging or disease. Unlike existing therapy, NHT treats hypogonadism endogenously at the level of the brain.

The company’s lead compound, NH901, represents a previously approved drug that is being repurposed as a non-scheduled drug for hypogonadism. The compound is safe, well-tolerated and historical clinical data for both the indication and the formulation exist, making this a low risk project. The company has a strong management team and a clear development strategy that maximizes clinical success.

NHT’s development milestones and exit strategy enable early strategic partnerships and a potential early exit for investors as well as long term gain.

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NHTherapeutics   NHTherapeutics
NHTherapeutic’s lead compound is a proprietary formulation and dosing algorithm of Leuprolide for the treatment of conditions associated with decreased hormonal release. Unlike existing treatment options, the compound (NH901) controls hormonal release at the level of the brain, which is believed to result in treatment of a wider spectrum of the symptoms of the disease and to result in fewer side effects. Leuprolide is an approved product and is currently marketed at much higher doses than those needed to treat hypogonadism. Proof of concept has been previously demonstrated and safety and pharmacokinetic characteristics are well established.   NH901 is initially being developed for the treatment of hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism, an orphan indication where insufficient gonadotropins and sex hormones are secreted. Market exclusivity will be guaranteed through orphan designation. Current treatment options are not ideal and are plagued with dependency and adverse events, often requiring add-on treatment to induce fertility. Future expansion to age-related hypogonadism may be possible and NHT’s strategy provides a clear advantage over existing treatment options for this rapidly growing billion-dollar market. Unlike existing products, NH901 can be easily self-administered.